Water Damage Restoration Glendale, California

Do you have water damage in Glendale, CA? Is your situation an emergency? Don’t stress; our group of professionals provides the best water damage restoration Glendale, California, has to offer, with quick response times and upfront quotes. Call us now for a free estimate! 

Water Damage Glendale CA

Water damage Glendale, CA residents experience can be caused by a variety of factors, including flash floods, sewage backups, hydrostatic pressure, roofing leaks, toilet and sump pump overflows, appliance leaks from dishwashers or washing machines, water supply line leaks and other plumbing failure, broken AC, and others. 

Water damage can be extremely dangerous and costly, even if it does not appear to be like so at first. 

Its negative effects can range from the obvious, such as swelling and rotting of wood, rusting and corrosion of steel, short-circuiting of electronics, and plywood delamination, to the less obvious, such as a threatened home foundation, damaged insulation and drywall, ceiling collapse, microbial and bacterial development, and fungi and mold infestation.

The worst part is that you and anyone else in the damaged house may become ill as a result of being exposed to contaminated water, and the house itself may lose a part of its value.

Let’s steer clear of all of this. Your property can be easily preserved and repaired if you act quickly and hire the right restoration team to handle the job. Call us to be connected with the best water damage restoration companies in Glendale, CA

Flood Damage Glendale CA

Unfortunately, the best weather in the nation also carries some of the highest risks of flooding. Southern California, particularly the cities of Glendale, Los Angeles, and the rest of Los Angeles County, has a floodplain population of over 1.3 million people. The city of Glendale, CA itself receives a Moderate flooding risk rating by Risk Factor, with 26% of all properties having a chance of being affected by floods during the next 3 decades. 

Flood damage is the most severe type of water damage. If the sheer volume of water flooding and soaking up your property isn’t enough, consider the hazards and contaminants it contains: urine, feces, food waste, biohazards, dirt, soil, rocks, dead animals, trash, chemicals, industrial waste, and more. 

To say that exposure to such waters can make you sick is an understatement. 

With such a hazard threatening your health and well-being, as well as the structural integrity of your property, you require someone with the necessary skill, expertise, and experience to deal with the damage for you.

There is no room for error in such situations, which is why you should only work with the best of the best in the business.

That is why you should contact us! We connect you with the best flood damage restoration companies in Glendale, CA – professionals who will respond in minutes, not hours, and treat your home as if it were their own. Call us right now for a free flood damage restoration quote!

Why You Need to Respond Immediately After Water Damage

As previously stated, water damage can cause a variety of problems that may not be immediately apparent. 

To begin, if water enters your property through a broken water supply pipe or a sewage backup, it will follow the path of least resistance, spreading throughout your home or business and being absorbed by porous materials such as wood and paper. If this happens on your upper floor, it won’t be long before water spills down to the lower floors. 

This is what happens right after water damage. Within a few hours, your walls, floors, and ceilings may begin to discolor, swell, and warp.

However, it is not only water absorption that causes problems. Water evaporation also has a number of negative consequences. 

When water evaporates, humidity rises and vapor pressure forms. As pressure builds up, moisture accumulates, resulting in a damp environment with poor indoor air quality and unbearable conditions for the household but incredibly favorable conditions for mold growth. 

Mold can begin to grow in high humidity areas in as little as 24 hours. Vapor pressure can also harm the fabric and contents of a building. 

Finally, damp environments are ideal for a variety of pests. 

This is why, ladies and gentlemen, you must respond immediately after water damage and contact us for Glendale water damage cleanup and remediation services. 

What Causes Water Damage in Glendale CA

We’ve already touched on the various causes of water damage in Glendale, but let’s go a little deeper now. 

Flooding and rain are the most obvious causes of water damage, and while Glendale is not necessarily known as a rainy place, the recent flash flooding in LA County in January 2023 demonstrated that such events are still very much a possibility in the city and the rest of the county. 

However, dismissing water damage as a rare occurrence in Southern California that just depends on the weather would be a big mistake. In fact, the following statistics demonstrate just how prevalent water damage is:

This demonstrates that water damage is not limited to just natural disasters. It is actually more common for water damage to occur indoors.

Many cases happen in the winter when water pipes freeze. Yes, pipes can freeze even in Glendale. Frozen pipes frequently burst, causing sudden water damage that quickly spreads and causes a significant loss. 

Aside from that, appliances and toilets frequently fail and overflow. In more severe cases, sewage pipes can become overburdened with trash or penetrated by tree roots, causing wastewater to back up into your bathroom or basement.

Due to hydrostatic pressure, you might even encounter water damage in your crawl space. Hydrostatic pressure forces moisture through the cracks and openings in your foundation, resulting in seepage in your crawl space or basement.

Need an exceptional Glendale water damage restoration service? Call us right away!

What Damage Categories

You may have heard the phrase “water damage category.” Simply put, the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) S500 Standard defines water damage categories and classes, which are determined by contamination levels and probable rate of evaporation. We’ll get to classes later, but first, let’s look at the categories:

  • Category 1 – Clean water. This type of water damage is not contaminated and poses little to no risk to those nearby. It is caused by water supply leaks, rain, and, on rare occasions, snow.
  • Category 2 – Grey water. Although slightly contaminated, there is still no significant health risk. It is caused by overflows and leaks from appliances, sump pumps, and toilets. 
  • Category 3 – Black water. Extremely dangerous and the most difficult to sanitize. Black water is caused by sewage and flooding. This is not something you should attempt to DIY or hire a plumber to fix. 

What Damage Classes

Let’s get started with the classes now. These are determined by the extent of the damage as well as the expected rate of evaporation. The IICRC defines four types of water damage classes:

  • Class 1 – Water damage affects only a portion of a single room. Evaporation rate is slow. 
  • Class 2 – Evaporation rate is faster, but still limited to one room. This time, however, the entire room is affected, including the walls, flooring, and carpets. 
  • Class 3 – Evaporation rate is the fastest, with water spreading throughout multiple rooms and damaging drywall, insulation, and subflooring. 
  • Class 4 – The entire property has been affected. These are the most expensive to restore, as the concrete, crawl space, and foundation are all likely to require repairs. Humidity levels must be reduced to extremely low levels for the drying process to be successful. This type of damage should only be handled by true professionals.

Regardless of the class or category of water damage you’re dealing with, you can be confident that our pros can successfully mitigate all of the damage, recover your property or building, and help you return to your normal day to day life. Call us right away!

Our Restoration Services in Glendale

Water Damage Restoration Glendale CA

The leading Glendale water damage restoration service is only one call away – simply pick up the phone and dial our number to be connected to the top water restoration technicians in Glendale, CA who serve their fellow Glendalers as well as the rest of LA County.

Our partners are industry leaders in water damage restoration and are highly regarded by the community. We only work with ethical businesses that provide excellent service to their customers.

When you call us, you can be confident that you will be connected with a certified expert who is eager to work tirelessly until you are completely satisfied. 

You can count on our partners to get the job done whether you’re a homeowner, property manager, or business owner.

For a top-notch water damage restoration service in Glendale, CA, call us today!

Water Removal Glendale CA

Water removal, also known as water mitigation or water extraction, is the first step in the water damage restoration process, regardless of whether it is clean water, grey water, or black water you’re dealing with.

Water removal entails doing exactly what the name implies: removing standing water and moisture from your rooms.

Water removal is performed by technicians who use specialized water extraction pumps and wet-dry vacuums. These devices extract the water which is then put into water tanks that will be driven to a controlled environment where the water is disposed of. 

Once the water has been removed, the technicians will begin the structural drying and cleanup processes to fully restore your home to livable condition. Call us right away for a quote!

Structural Drying

The next step is structural drying. It is critical to dry out and dehumidify a property as soon as possible, not only to reduce humidity levels and make the space livable again, but also to prevent damp materials and mold damage. 

Dehumidifiers, air movers, and air scrubbers are used in structural drying. The technicians will install and utilize this equipment for around a week or 2 weeks. This is how long it usually takes to dry out damp rooms and reduce humidity levels back to normal. It may take much longer in more severe water and flood damage scenarios though. 

You can be present in the property at all times during structural drying; it’s just that the equipment is usually very loud, and it’ll be very hot and uncomfortable. Consult your professional for more information if you’re concerned about this.

Sewage Cleanup Glendale CA

Sewage, as a category 3 water damage, necessitates a very detailed approach in order to be cleaned up and restored successfully. 

Do not attempt to clean up sewage on your own, and do not allow anyone in your property to come even close to it. Sewage contains a large number of contaminants, microorganisms, and bacteria that can cause diseases such as Campylobacteriosis, Encephalitis, and Hepatitis A. 

Contact a professional sewage cleanup company to handle the problem for you. These technicians are fully dressed up in protective clothing and prepared to enter the contaminated area and clean up all of the black water. 

They will assume all of the health risks instead of you, and they will work quickly to prevent sewage from spreading to your other rooms. 

Call us for a professional Glendale sewage cleanup service!

Commercial Water Damage Restoration

If your business has experienced water damage, there’s a potential for a lot of problems to occur. 

Standing water in a business will make it difficult for anybody to be present inside. This includes both your customers and your employees. 

Your customers will not want to enter a business with damp and dirty indoor space, while your employees will not be able to work in such, leading to loss of customers to competitors and inefficiency of your employees which impacts your productivity.

If you’re struggling with water damage and flooding in your business, call us for commercial water damage restoration. 

Mold Remediation Glendale CA

Mold can be a very useful fungi in the manufacturing and industrial sectors, but not in the home. Indoor mold grows on organic surfaces and consumes everything in its path, leaving behind a lot of damage and a terrible odor. 

If it gets out of hand, it can become a dangerous biohazard because there are mold species like Stachybotrys, also known as black mold, that can make you sick and cause respiratory problems. Mold can also cause asthma attacks and allergic reactions. 

Get this hazard out of your home or business by contacting us right away for mold remediation.

Flood Damage Restoration Glendale CA

We’ve already discussed how dangerous floods are and how vulnerable Glendale and the rest of Los Angeles County are to them. Let us now quickly go over some flood preparation and response advice:

  • Pay attention to weather forecasts and authorities.
  • Check to see if your home is in a flood zone.
  • Always keep an emergency evacuation kit on hand, as well as a comprehensive evacuation plan.
  • Have copies of important documents
  • Know where you’ll go and what you’ll do in the event of a disaster.
  • If authorities order you to evacuate, do so immediately.
  • Try not to bring anything unnecessary.
  • Seek disaster relief assistance through the FEMA Individual Assistance or FEMA Public Assistance programs.
  • Purchase NFIP flood insurance if you haven’t already done so, as standard homeowners insurance policies do not cover flood damage.

You don’t need to add the burden of property recovery and restoration to the list of things to worry about during and after flooding. Allow our partners and their flood damage restoration specialists to handle the aftermath of flooding in your home.

These men are athletic and skilled enough to deal with the destructive scenarios that frequently accompany flash flooding. Every day, they learn and train so that when disaster strikes, they are prepared to respond. Call us to connect with them and begin flood restoration immediately. 

Fire Damage Restoration Glendale CA

Fires are both fierce and unpredictable. Fires can quickly destroy an entire property and burn all of its valuables and documents if not addressed immediately. 

Fire damage, regardless of the cause, is not something you want to try to repair on your own. There is hazardous smoke that can harm you if inhaled, as well as the possibility of property collapsing and causing serious injury. 

Allow the fire damage restoration experts with whom we collaborate to handle the situation for you. Call us and get your quote in minutes!

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Our partners offer 24/7 emergency services throughout Glendale, CA. They’ll deal with the insurance, mitigate all of the water and flood damage, perform thorough drying, dehumidification, and mold removal, and potentially also offer to do additional things for you like carpet cleaning or plumbing work.  

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