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How to Remove Mold from Under the House

Learn how to remove mold located under your house quickly and efficiently.

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Removal Process

When mold is growing underneath a home it will release the spores. These spores are so small that they will be able to travel inside of the home where you will breathe it in. 

Mold spores – especially from black mold – can increase the risk of respiratory conditions and aggravate people with allergies and asthma.

In order to keep it at bay you must be able to clean the mold out without releasing too many of the spores or allowing them to enter the home. 

This can be done through the use of negative air pressure and then use the right ventilation to keep it from growing back. 

Creating the negative air pressure is simple. All you have to do is place fans on each of the windows or vents. This will allow the air to blow out from under the house.

Make sure that you put on rubber gloves and a face mask that will protect your skin and your lungs. Now you will be ready to remove and get rid of any insulation and debris that is covered in mold.

In case you can’t remove the mold yourself, call a mold removal professional. 

If the mold is on any part of the house you can use a shop vacuum to remove them.

After you are done make sure to clean the vacuum with a solution of four parts cold water and one part bleach. 

This should be used to clean the hoses and filter before being completely dried.

For extra protection you will want to wash down the whole area beneath the home with the same bleach solution. If you use a spray bottle it will help to saturate the wood quicker.

Make sure to rinse the area off and then dry it so that the mold cannot grow back. When you are done with the cleaning you need to remove the clothes you were wearing and throw them away or wash them.

During the cleaning process there will have been some mold spores that were able to escape into the home. Use the vacuum and wash down every inch of the home to remove them. 

Prevent It from Growing Back

Getting rid of the mold growing in your crawl space is important, but preventing mold from occurring is just as important. 

With the right steps and proper prevention measures, you can ensure that your crawl space never gets a chance to develop mold again.

To prevent the mold from growing back use the right ventilation and low humidity. Using an exhaust fan in front of one vent is effective at pulling out the air through the space beneath the home.

When it comes to humidity level, ideally it should be between 30% and 50%. If your home is very humid, you can install a dehumidifier. The dehumidifier will remove moisture that can cause mold growth.

Final Thoughts

Removing mold is a challenging task and requires in-depth knowledge of the right chemicals, equipment and expertise to do the job correctly. The process can be daunting and costly for many homeowners to deal with alone.

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