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Grow Your Restoration Business with Google Ads

In-depth Audit

The process starts with in-depth research of your local market and, in case you're already running Google ads, an audit of your current campaigns' performance.


Once we have a list of keywords that we should target, the next step is planning, creating, and launching your campaigns.


Over time we will tweak and optimize your campaigns to reduce the cost per lead and increase ROI.

Get your phone ringing - today.

Start generating immediate leads with restoration PPC advertising.

Google ads are the best advertising channel any restoration company can leverage to grow their business. 

If you want instant traffic and leads for your restoration business, you need to add Google ads into your marketing arsenal. 

Why Google Ads?

1. Instant Results

One of the biggest benefits of Google ads is that you can INSTANTLY place your ads in front of people who are actively searching for YOUR services.

Think of terms like “water damage restoration (your city)” or “water damage restoration near me”. Normally, it would take you 6-12 months to show up for these keywords organically with SEO.

With Google ads, you’re skipping the waiting process and getting straight into the game – without needing an already existing online presence. 

2. Hyper-targeted Marketing

With Google ads, we’re reaching ONLY people who are interested in YOUR services. Our ads are super-targeted and will be shown only to people who are already sold on your business.

How do we know this?

Based on someone’s search query, we can accurately predict what their intentions are. And when people are searching for a “water damage restoration service”, what do you think they are looking for?

That’s right – they’re looking to hire contractors just like yourself. 

3. Scaling Opportunities

Do you serve multiple areas? 

We have good news for you – Google ads can be easily scaled and your reach can be greatly expanded, all without sacrificing profitability. 

Our Process


Understanding your local market and competition.


Creating and launching our campaigns.


Optimizing your campaigns to get more out of your budget.


Just in case you're not 100% sure.

Our pricing is always custom and unique to each customer. Each client has their own set of requirements and our pricing is adjusted accordingly.

This highly depends on the competition level of the keywords you want to target. The more competitive an area is, the higher the budget needs to be. 

To give you an idea of what it takes, an average Cost Per Click in the restoration industry is $40.

This means that on average, you’ll pay $40 for every visitor you get with Google ads. 

Both have their own benefits and drawbacks. However, we highly suggest that you do both because they go hand-in-hand. Showing up in both paid and free Google search results dramatically increases the lead volume you’re receiving. 

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