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Experiencing an emergency water damage situation? Need the best water damage restoration San Diego, CA has to offer? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We can assist you with the most prompt, professional, and efficient water damage restoration services available in the America’s Finest City. 

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Water Damage San Diego CA

If you’re struggling with water damage San Diego, CA residents are all victims of from time to time, you couldn’t have come to a better place. We have expert restoration technicians on standby 24/7, awaiting to promptly respond to any requests we send them. 

Our professionals aim to help preserve and protect the well-being and health of communities and neighborhoods in San Diego and surrounding areas by being the best and the fastest at repairing all kinds of water damage, including busted pipes, sewage backups, roofing, appliance, and AC leaks, basement water damage, hurricane and flood damage, and many others. 

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How Our Process Works

1. Initial Call

Once we receive your call, you'll be connected to a call center. The recipient will quickly verify you're a real person and then connect you to the partner who can provide the fastest response. This step helps us eliminate irrelevant callers and spam and it lasts less than a minute.

2. Consultation

At the next step, you'll be connected with one of our available nearby water damage restoration partners and have a consultation with them on your situation. They'll then determine what service you need and help their technicians prepare for your situation in advance.

3. Fulfillment

The partner will take in your information and then dispatch a crew to your address. A professional estimator will assess your situation and then, once the agreement is reached, specialists will immediately get to work, wasting no time in tackling the damage.

Flood Restoration San Diego CA

Flooding in San Diego County is, unfortunately, a common occurrence. The tragedy is that it’s almost 100% out of your control how bad the flood and water damage are going to be and whether or not your property is going to be completely destroyed. You can implement some flood protection tips but all in all, you’re totally at the mercy of the Mother Nature. 

However, what you do AFTER a flood can make or break your experience. By calling in a crew of qualified flood damage restoration technicians, your property and many of your items can be salvaged and protected. 

Water damage gets significantly worse the longer it stays so acting right after a disaster significantly increases the likelihood of successful water damage restoration. For flood restoration in San Diego CA, give us a call!

Water Damage Restoration San Diego CA

For a certified water damage restoration service San Diego citizens really don’t need to look any further than us.

We partner and work with the absolute best of the best in the industry, delivering the highest quality end product to you, the customer – completely restored, repaired, and rebuilt property followed by expert consultation with a homeowner or business on water damage, water removal, water mitigation, drying, how the restoration process works, advice on how to prevent water damage in the future, and more!

So, if you’re currently having an emergency and require an urgency response by professionals, we’re here to connect you with them. Call us for water damage restoration in San Diego CA!

Flood Damage San Diego CA

Let’s cover some interesting but at the same time scary flood and water damage statistics:

The last stat, when translated from a macro to micro level, indicates that, if we take the number of homes in San Diego from, 8,506 out of 509,347 homes file a water damage insurance claim every year in the city.

Keep in mind that, if you want to go in detail on the third statistic, not all cities, counties, and states are prone to flooding equally. 

However, if we factor in the first two stats, the fact that California is worryingly-prone to flooding, with 1.3 million people living in floodplains, and west coast expected rising sea levels with the high tide line pushed three feet above sea level by frequent storms – there is a very high chance that YOUR home will experience flood damage San Diego city is already frequently hit by. Phhhew, catching up to breath.

But seriously. Things are not looking good for San Diego and its metro area. Concerned? 

We recommend further educating yourself on the matter and then implementing some house flood preparation and flood-proofing advice from multiple links we’ve provided in previous paragraphs. 

If you’ve already experienced flood damage in San Diego, call our experts to receive help immediately. 

Water Restoration San Diego CA

Why entrust us with your water restoration project? Well, there are quite a few reasons.

We only work with the absolute best of the best San Diego water damage restoration technicians. These guys have gone through all of the necessary education and training for water damage repair, water damage restoration, water removal, water mitigation, water restoration, and flood damage restoration in San Diego CA. 

Many of them have certifications sought after by insurance like a Water Damage Restoration Technician (WRT) certification issued by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). What is this certification about?

IICRC WRT class educates how to properly assess a loss, determine which materials have been affected, comprehend moisture readings, calculate necessary equipment and placement, and much more! WRT can not only benefit restoration technicians –  insurance professionals, TPAs, property managers, facilities engineers, and others can enroll in this WRT class to learn about the restoration and structural drying procedures!

The class also covers the subject of mold and how to control mold growth but for more in-depth mold removal training one can go through the Mold Remediation Specialist (MRS) certification too.

Great! Now that you understand what type of training our professionals have gone through, you can further build trust with us. However, there is more you need to know about water damage licensing and insurance. 

State of California requires water damage restoration companies to have a C-61/D-64 Limited Specialty/Non-Specialized state license for restoration projects where the costs are higher than $500. We’ll try to only connect you with professionals who have such a license, but you should also ask for it. 

When it comes to insurance, water damage will be covered by your homeowners policy, as long as it happened suddenly and not because of improper maintenance. But even then, certain causes of water damage, like external flooding or sewage backups, will require a separate policy.

If you’re ready to start working with the best experts in water restoration San Diego, CA has available, call us and let’s get started!

San Diego Water Damage Restoration FAQs

Some of you might have some questions. No problem! We’ll answer them as best as we can. 

How much water does it take to cause water damage?

Great question! Not all water damage is created equal. The extent of the damage will depend on, among other factors, the amount of standing water in your property. 

However, only a few inches of water are enough to severely damage your household. This includes materials like drywall, insulation, wallpaper, flooring, and carpets. Also know that only about 6 inches of water can push over an average adult while 12 inches can move a smaller car. 

What should I do immediately after water damage?

You’ll first need to remove the source of the water. That may involve fixing the pipe, roofing, or appliance leak. If the source is external, like a flood, then there’s nothing you can really do besides protecting yourself and your family and letting the nature settle down on its own.

Once the source has been removed, you should start mitigating the water and drying the area. For this you’ll need more powerful water extraction equipment, dehumidifiers like the Dri-Eaz 1200 Commercial Dehumidifier or the Phoenix 250 MAX LGR High Capacity Commercial Dehumidifier, and air movers like the The XPower-230AT or the B-Air Grizzly GP-1 1 HP 3550 CFM. 

These are expensive pieces of equipment (air movers don’t cost as much as dehumidifiers, but you’ll need more pieces, not just one). 

This is why so many people turn to water damage cleanup and repair professionals. Not only is the physical labor hard and involves a lot of skill and precision, but the equipment is also expensive. Sure, you can rent it but you’ll still probably not know how to utilize it properly. 

What is the difference between water mitigation and water damage restoration?

Water mitigation helps to stabilize the home and ensures that no further damage occurs. Water damage restoration is intended to repair homes and aid them in recovering from water damage—a process of rebuilding the house to its pre-damaged state.

Water mitigation can be referred to as water removal, about which you’ll learn more later on. But just note that water mitigation is just a part of the overall water damage restoration process. It’s the first step, followed by structural drying. 

How long does it take for water damage to take effect?

Water damage can take anywhere from an hour to a full day to start causing problems. You’ll notice signs like bulging, cracking, and swelling on the affected furniture or drywall. Your paint will also start to peel off, while hardwood floors will start to warp.

Humidity levels will rise to an uncomfortable level, making the mere presence in the room difficult. During that first day, mold is likely to start growing (accompanied by a horrible, musty smell) so you may even notice that too.

Note that these effects typically all happen after 24 hours, but in some cases they may take up to 48 hours.

In a bit longer timeframe, conditions like rotten wood, rusted steel, delaminated plywood, short-circuited electronics, mold infestation, and others will be prevalent, so take action as soon as possible. 

How long does it take to dry out walls from water damage?

It takes roughly 3 to 5 days for walls to fully dry-up. This is the industry standard. However, some walls may require much longer than this. It mostly depends on the scope of the damage, drying method, and the type of the wall itself. More severe cases may take up to a couple of weeks, while less severe cases could take less than 3 days.

Do you need to replace drywall after a leak?

Unfortunately, a lot of times homeowners face a situation where the drywall has to be replaced. If the drywall is more than 1% wet, it has to go. Usually this happens when there has been a leak that went unnoticed for weeks or even months, causing mold growth that eats up a lot of your drywall.

However, in cases where a homeowner promptly reacted after a water damage event, the drywall is likely to be saved in a timeframe stated in the previous answer. So, if you’ve experienced abrupt water damage, timely reaction will save you from drywall replacement costs. 

Benefits of Water Damage Restoration

Health and financial benefits of water damage restoration. 

Home Value Improvement

Let’s talk some numbers (we’ll make it simple, we promise). If you’ve ever asked yourself “can water damage impact home value”, the answer is yes, it can. And the impact can be small, big, or huge. 

We’ll take flooding as an example. There are actually quite a few studies that have been conducted in order to determine the impact of flooding on the housing market. 

They show that flooded properties can have 18-25% reduction in value. They also show some other interesting stats, like the fact that just by being in a floodplain, a home’s value can reduce. Sources include Rajapaksa et al. 2016 and Beltrán, Maddison, and Elliott 2019

But it doesn’t stop there. 

Water damage is usually followed by mold growth. A study by The Appraisal Journal shows that mold too can have a significant impact on the value of a home if not treated (from 20% up to 37% reduction in value!). Also, they found that over 50% of potential buyers walk away once they learn of a mold problem in a home. 

And lastly, we have some data for the foundation damage. One of the most common places where water damage occurs is your basement and severe basement water damage can damage your home’s foundation. A damaged foundation can lower the home’s value by around 12%

Basically, to sum it up, your home’s value will be negatively impacted by a water damage event. Flooding will obviously take the biggest tool but other events can also throw a strong punch. However, keep in mind that these studies take in a lot of properties and come up with an average so your situation may or may not reflect any of this data at all. The markets analyzed were different, conditions were different too, and so and so forth. 

Water damage restoration, on the other hand, can increase the resale value of your home. Some buyers may even pay MORE for a home if it has been properly repaired. Sources: Yeo 2003, Troy 2003, Eves and Wilkinson 2014, and Tobin & Montz 1994. Recovery to pre-damage value ranges from 6 months to 10+ years for extreme floods.

Similar could be said about mold and foundation repair. Some restoration professionals we connect you with could possibly help you with all three – water damage, mold, and foundation repair. But if they can’t, seek assistance from appropriate professionals. Call us now for a competitive San Diego water damage restoration quote!

Safe Indoor Conditions

We discussed how water damage impacts your wallet, now let’s discuss how your health could be threatened. 

We have mentioned numerous times that water damage and mold go hand-in-hand. Health implications of mold range from the more obvious – sneezing, nausea, sore throat, red or itchy eyes and/or skin, coughing, and allergic reactions – to the less obvious and/or more severe – chronic fatigue, depression, asthma attacks, Aspergillosis, and others. 

Water itself may as well be contaminated and pose a health problem. Water damage from sewage or flooding can cause multiple different types of disease, not to mention that floodwater may also contain large and/or sharp objects that could cause severe injury upon impact. 

These types of water damage contain a plethora of germs, microorganisms, and bacteria, in addition to contaminants like urine, feces, trash, dirt, biohazards, chemicals, oil, commercial, construction, and industrial waste, and so much more, so it’s recommended that you just stay away from them and immediately call a professional.

Professionals will take on the risks for you while working to extract the water and fix the damage. They usually have all of the necessary protective clothing and equipment so you don’t have to worry about something going wrong. 

By following the right procedures, the property can be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized and all of the health risks can be removed. Call us for a quote now!

Our Water Damage Restoration Services

Our experts’ water damage restoration services in San Diego. 

Water Removal San Diego

Water removal, also known as water extraction and water mitigation, is the process which is exactly what the name says – process during which all of the standing water causing damage in your home is removed. 

When the technicians arrive with vans full of equipment, they’ll immediately start by locating the source of the water and neutralize it. Once the moisture source has been removed, they’ll contain the affected area(s) and install water extraction pumps. 

You’ve stopped the water source yourself already? Great, one less step towards repairing your household!

The pumps will start removing the water out of your property while the technicians are installing other equipment we’ve touched upon earlier – dehumidifiers and air movers – so that they can get started with the dehumidification process.

Call us for the best San Diego water removal service!


In these types of scenarios, water itself is not just the problem, because there’s also a lot of moisture your walls, floors, and furniture have absorbed, forming an environment ideal for mold growth. Additionally, water evaporation causes vapor pressure which can even further damage your materials. This needs to be stopped. 

Dehumidification is the process of drying and reducing humidity levels in your home. The dehumidification equipment your technicians will install will be running for a few days until all of the moisture, even the one you can’t see with a naked eye, is removed. 

Reduce the humidity levels in your home, prevent fungi and mold growth, and make your home livable again with our dehumidification services. 

Water Damage Cleanup San Diego

It’s no secret that water will cause a lot of mess. In fact, the water that’s wreaking havoc on your property and rooms inside it may be very contaminated. So, this is where our experts’ water damage cleanup services will come in handy.

Once the water is out and the property is starting to dry, they’ll also cleanup and sanitize all of the affected surfaces. Anti-microbials and deodorizers are typically used as part of a thorough cleaning procedure, and work will be done to purify the air. How long and difficult the cleanup will be will depend on your water damage category and class. Call us for water damage cleanup!

Water Damage Categories

Category 1 – Clean water

Category refers to the contamination levels of the water. Category 1 water damage comes from rain, snow, water supply lines, or toilet tanks. This water is usually not contaminated and doesn’t pose a health risk. It can even be successfully removed by a homeowner in some cases.

Category 2 – Grey water

Appliance and toilet leaks and overflows, seepage from hydrostatic pressure, and sump pump failures cause grey water damage. This water is usually contaminated and does pose a certain health risk, but it’s not as dangerous as category 3. 

Category 3 – Black water

Black water is very contaminated and dangerous. It comes from sewage backups and flooding. This type of water is the most difficult to cleanup and sanitize.

Water Damage Classes

Class 1

Classes refer to the scope of the damage. Class 1 indicates that just a part of a single room has been damaged.

Class 2

This class indicates that the water reached up to 12 inches and has spread throughout the entire room. It’s still just one room in question.

Class 3

Every part of the room or multiple rooms has been damaged – ceilings, drywall, subflooring, and insulation. 

Class 4 

Your entire home has experienced severe damage, usually brought on by natural disasters. Concrete, wood, and foundation all likely require repairs. 

Emergency Responses

Water damage never asks for our schedule, so it’s necessary that there are specialists in San Diego who can respond to all emergencies 24/7, even during the holiday season.

Luckily, there are such specialists out there. And they work with us. Call us for emergency responses, regardless of whether it’s a late Friday night or an early Sunday morning. Our experts are on speed dial and they’re ready to put in the hard work, and it doesn’t matter what the clock says. 

Commercial Services

As a business, our partners know how hard it is. Early mornings, late nights. All the things you have to manage and worry about, working hard every day to make more profit so that you can provide better conditions for your employees to work and serve your customers in. 

There truly isn’t any room for dealing with water damage in your schedule. We get it. And that’s why you should call us. 

Let our experts handle your situation with minimal disruption to your daily business operations. Go and focus on providing a better product or a service to your customers while our technicians are extracting the water and performing thorough commercial water damage restoration for you. Pick up the phone, call us, and forget that your water damage event has ever even happened. 

Our partners can work with all commercial clients, including factories and production companies, brick and mortar businesses, public institutions, corporate office clients, and non-profits. By the way, if you’re a non-profit and have been hit by a flood, check out the FEMA Public Assistance program and try to obtain a grant for flood recovery.

Fire Damage Restoration San Diego

Fires are as deadly as they’re unexpected. Fires are usually caused by cooking, heating, or electrical and they can cause insurmountable damage.

If you’ve experienced a fire yourself, whether it was a cooking accident or caused by a larger event, call us now for fire damage restoration. Our experts will repair all of the damage and remove the dangerous smoke from your property. 

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