Water Damage Restoration Scottsdale, Arizona

Experienced water damage in Scottsdale? No worries, we got you! Our certified team of water damage restoration technicians is ready to respond to emergencies 24/7. Give us a call, we’re at your place in under 1hr!

Scottsdale Water Damage Restoration Services

When it comes to water damage, we’re the Jacks of All Trades and the Masters of All too. As the most experienced water damage restoration business in Scottsdale, we’ve perfected all of forms of water damage repair, including:  

  • Busted pipe water damage repair
  • Toilet overflow water damage restoration
  • Appliance leak water removal
  • AC malfunctioning water removal and cleanup
  • Sewage cleanup
  • Basement flooding damage restoration
  • Roof leaks water removal and dehumidification
  • Storm, hurricane, and flood damage restoration

We provide both residential and commercial water damage restoration services in Scottsdale. 

We can serve all types of clients and their properties, regardless if the property in question is a one bedroom apartment, single family home, 10,000 square feet office, or a 20-story building.

If you’ve got a water damage problem, we can handle it. Call us and let’s get started with the restoration process!

Water Damage Scottsdale AZ

Thanks to our perennial rivers, unfortunately, Scottsdale is prone to flooding. Arizona, one of the hottest states in the country, experiences 40 to 100 floods each year, with the most blame falling on the Colorado, Verde, Salt, and Gila rivers- according to the University of Arizona.

This all means that there is a high risk of water damage in Scottsdale. And this is when going over the data about natural disasters.

Even more people experience water damage from indoor causes, like busted pipes, sewage backups, basement flooding, etc., all of which can quickly wreak havoc on your property.

Your flooring, carpets, insulation, and drywall can sustain catastrophic damage from just a few inches of water. Those same few inches are also more than sufficient for mold development.

Why are we telling you all of this?

If you’re reading this web page, you’re most likely struggling with water damage already. The purpose of the aforementioned information is to give you an idea of what causes water damage and why. Now, we want to tell you how to actually deal with it.

It’s best to leave water damage restoration to professionals. We know the ins and outs of almost all types of water damage, and have the skills, training, and equipment required to remove water and dry out a property. Call us now and we’ll be on our way ASAP!

Water Damage Restoration Company Scottsdale AZ

No matter how sizable the water damage you’ve experienced might be, there is no obstacle that our team of specialists can’t overcome. Our team is exceptionally trained, experienced, and possesses all of the necessary tools.

Whether the damage is weeks old and you’ve just discovered it or you’ve been woken up in the middle of the night because of the sewage backup, it doesn’t matter. Minor or major, old or new, 2 inches or 10 inches of water, we can clean up and repair it all. 

We respond to emergencies in 60 minutes or less – usually less – and are ready to work around the clock until your damaged property looks better than new. Once the certified team arrives at your doorstep, you can sit back and relax while they’re taking care of the rest.

So if you’ve been looking for a Scottsdale water damage restoration company or have been searching for “water damage restoration near me”, you can’t be at a better place right now. Call the number below (if on mobile just press the button to call) and let’s get started!

Why Hire a Scottsdale Water Damage Restoration Company

The best way to answer this question is through education. According to IICRC, there are 3 categories of water damage. 

The first category is clean water damage and this type of damage is usually minor, coming from appliances like faucets and toilet tanks. You can clean it up yourself although if there is a lot of water, you may not be able to.  

The next two categories are gray and black water. While gray water can be harmful – but doesn’t necessarily have to be in all cases – black water definitely is. Both can cause illness, and black water may even be fatal if ingested, as mentioned by IICRC. So, where do these two come from?

Gray water comes from dishwasher or washing machine overflows, sink drains, and toilet overflows. It can also come from clean water which has been standing for a few days and got contaminated. 

Black water comes from sewage and natural disasters. Sewage and floods carry all sorts of hazardous contaminants which can be incredibly detrimental to anyone who comes in contact, including feces, debris, human waste, etc. 

So to come back to the initial question – why hire a water damage restoration company in Scottsdale?

If you want to avoid exposure to potentially very hazardous contaminants WITHOUT any protective equipment, you should contact a professional. Our team knows how to deal with severe water damage and how to do so successfully. Call us, we’re on our way!

Financial Benefits of Water Damage Restoration

As you probably already know, damaged houses aren’t particularly appealing to buyers. But how much can water damage actually reduce the value of a house?

The answer is between 15% and 60%, depending on the degree of the damage. However, as stated in the same report, buyers are ready to pay extra if the home has been restored and flood-proofed.

Water damage cleanup will not only remove health risks from your Scottsdale property; it may also help you sell it. 

Take all of this information with a grain of salt. This conversation is incredibly nuanced and the results will vary case-by-case although we can say with certainty that doing NOTHING will definitely NOT improve the value of your property. In fact, the more the water spreads throughout your property and affects more and more materials, the worse the damage will become and the more expensive the future repairs will be.

Let’s prevent that. Call us now!

Water Damage Restoration Q&As

Got questions? We got answers!

Is water damage a major problem?

Ignoring water damage may well be a bad idea. Electrical damage may occur if the water damage has not been dealt with in time.

As we’ve already mentioned, just a few inches of water are enough for chaos. Also, you should be extra cautious to think about the effects of flooding in your basement because it may lead to a ruined foundation.

Can I repair water damage on my own?

Stopping the water source is the first step. In some circumstances, this may already be where you need professional assistance. Also, water damage usually extends beyond the surface. Call us, at the very least for a consultation.

Will water damage cause mold to grow?

The short answer is yes. People frequently think that only severe water damage causes mold to grow. This, however, is not the case. In essence, mold grows in moist, warm environments, therefore even a small leak in your Scottsdale property could result in a mold infestation if it is not promptly repaired.

When will mold start growing after water damage?

Mold will start to grow if the house is not fully dried in as little as 24 hours. Whether it is summer or winter, mold will still grow. Unless your water damage is quite minor, it is nearly a given that you will have mold development. This is what we aim to prevent.

Is water damage covered by insurance?

A typical homeowners insurance policy might or might not cover water damage. Everything depends on the cause: damage caused by unanticipated internal water leaks is covered, but damage caused by negligence or carelessness, as well as damage from flooding, is not. Flood damage normally necessitates a separate flood insurance policy.

Our Scottsdale Water Damage Restoration Services

Basement Water Damage Restoration Scottsdale

Basements are dark and damp places, and these conditions are ideal for mold growth. All it takes is just a little bit of water and mold will start thriving. Basement water damage causes vary from seeping water to plumbing or appliance failures.    

If you’ve experienced basement flooding, you need to act immediately. The tricky thing with basements is that most homeowners do not check on them regularly. They’re at the backs of everyone’s minds. However, you have to develop a routine and check on your basement for water and mold consistently, and in case you’ve already spotted water damage, call a professional immediately. 

Basement flooding can severely damage the property’s foundation, to the extent that it might be irreparable in some cases. To remove the water and restore the damage, call us right away.

Sewage Cleanup Scottsdale

Sewage water backs up when the system is clogged or overloaded. The reasons vary but this usually happens because of heavy raining or a heavy object(s) blocking the water from moving further down the system. 

Water will then be pushed back to your house, accompanied with all of the waste and hazardous material that you want nowhere near you.

We’ve already explained different categories of water damage. To reiterate, sewage damage belongs to the “STAY AWAY” category. 

It should only be cleaned up by professionals due to high contamination and high risk of serious illness. If you need sewage cleanup in Scottsdale, call us immediately.

Flood Damage Restoration Scottsdale

Floods are sudden and frightening. Not only is your property at danger but also the well-being of you and your family. The priority should always be to evacuate. Once everything has settled, some major steps need to be taken.

Flood damage is heavy and overwhelming, leaving a lot of homeowners feeling paralyzed and unsure of what exactly they need to do. We’ll tell you right now what you need to do:

  1. Call us at (480) 576-6265.
  2. Shelter your family and leave everything else – water extraction, drying, repairs – to our team of flood damage restoration experts.

When our team arrives, there is nothing else you should worry about. We understand that the situation can be frightening and difficult to comprehend but know that you’re in competent hands. If you’ve experienced flood damage in Scottsdale, call us now!

Commercial Water Damage Restoration Scottsdale

A fellow Scottsdale business needing restoration services? You’re at the right place!

Speaking the B2B language now, we understand that as a business owner, you have a tight schedule. You have no time to waste and the last thing you need is 3 inches of water in your office.

Profits are what drives you to make decisions so consider this if you have water damage in your workplace – it only gets worse over time. The worse the damage, the more expensive the repairs will be, resulting in less profits for your business. 

Water damage will also cause mold to grow, potentially endangering the health of your employees and negatively affecting the productivity of your operations. Our team of technicians will help you avoid all of this.

We are more than capable to work around your schedule and adapt to dynamic changes. When you call us, we’ll arrive on time and immediately get to work while causing as little disruption to your business as possible given the circumstances. 

Call us and let’s get this done!

Fire Damage Restoration Scottsdale AZ

A fire can cause chaos in a variety of unforeseen ways. In some cases, fire damage is so extensive that massive heaps of smoke and debris remain.

Furthermore, smoke odors pervade every room of the property. Every big fire damage restoration job in Scottsdale must be entrusted to specialists, such as our team.

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