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Why Are Sewage Backups Dangerous

Quite a bit of reasons. Escherichia coli, also known as E. coli, is one of the more harmful bacteria that you could encounter during a sewage backlog. 

E. coli is typically found in human gastrointestinal tracts and is not hazardous when inside those tracts, but it can be quite dangerous when outside them. E. coli is one of the most often seen contaminants in sewage, according to the CDC. E. coli exposure can cause cramps, vomiting, very bad diarrhea, and dehydration.

You could contract the hepatitis A virus by coming into touch with sewage. Hepatitis A is an infection that not only damages your liver directly but is also very contagious.

And this is only scratching the surface. All sorts of waste, including human, that find themselves in sewage make it one of the more dangerous types of water damage that your home can experience. To deal with it, you’ll need an extra hand.

According to Bankrate, no, a homeowners insurance policy does not automatically include sewer backup coverage. However, many home insurance companies offer it as an optional coverage, or endorsement, which is an add-on to the standard homeowners insurance policy.

One of the principal risks and effects associated with sewage exposure is hydrogen sulfide poisoning.

Exposure to low levels of hydrogen sulfide causes irritation of the eyes and respiratory tract. Other symptoms include nervousness, dizziness, nausea, headache, and drowsiness.

Also, there’s the danger from asphyxiation. High concentrations of methane in enclosed areas can lead to suffocation, as large amounts of methane will decrease the amount of oxygen in the air. The effects of oxygen deficiency include headache, nausea, dizziness and unconsciousness. At very low oxygen concentrations (<12%), unconsciousness and death may occur very quickly and without warning. Sewer gas diffuses and mixes with indoor air, and will be most concentrated where it is entering the home. It can accumulate in basements.

More information:

Heavy rains and swift melting result in an abundance of water and debris entering municipal sanitary sewers, overtaxing the sewage system. If there is too much water, it could back up into your home’s sewer line and overflow into your basement if the sewer system is unable to handle it (which it often isn’t unfortunately). 


Why Sewage Backups Happen

Several possible reasons. 

One of the most common perpetrators is – or are – tree roots. When tree roots grow unnoticed in sewer pipes, they can very easily cause a sewage backup. Roots penetrate through sewer pipes and create a blockade for all the passing substances. Eventually, there will be no holes left for the water to pass through, leading it back to your house. 

Sewage backups can also happen when pipes are too deteriorated or when clogs occur, but it’s usually due to tree roots. 

And even when everything is fine, severe weather may lead to a sewage backup. When too much water floods the entire sewer line, wastewater mixed with flood water will be pushed back to probably multiple properties in the area. 

Can You Clean up Sewage on Your Own

Yes, but ONLY if the damage is small and contained to one room. Even then we wouldn’t recommend a DIY sewage cleanup if you’re not perfectly healthy, young, and fit. 

You’ll definitely need protective clothing – no, not just a mask but rubber gloves and boots, HEPA respirator mask with goggles, and coveralls.

If you’re going to try to play hero, regardless of what we say, just remember to evacuate everybody else. Nobody else should be even close to sewage without any protective clothing. Only let them back in once everything is disinfected. 

If you’re going to play a safe bet instead and leave this work to somebody who knows the ins and outs of it and who is unlikely to mess up, call us now!

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It is imperative that you refrain from any interaction with black water and immediately contact our team in the event of a sewage backup or other emergencies that may arise in your household.

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