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Quality Water Damage Leads and Calls for Restoration Success

Here's How It Works:

Get a Tracking Number

Receive a tracking number to which we will send water damage calls and inquiries. This will be your unique number, and the water damage leads will be exclusive to you. You will also be able to check and listen to all the calls whenever you want.

Answer Calls

All you have to do is pick up the water damage calls we send you and then do what you do best - help customers with their water damage. The more effort you put into answering the phone and being responsive, the more our partnership will pay off.

Pay Only for Quality Leads

Pay only for qualified leads. Simple as that. We won't bill you for uninterested callers, telemarketers, or robo calls. You'll only pay for quality water damage restoration leads with high buyer intent. Have a complaint? We'll listen to the calls together and figure it out!

We Bring You Restoration Leads from Your Local Area

Start generating water damage restoration leads immediately and bring in more high-ticket water damage jobs for your business.

Our advertising will be done solely on Google. The search engine is the best advertising channel online as we’ll be targeting people actively searching for a company that can help them restore their water damage. 

This enables us to only show our advertisements to people who are actually interested in what you and your business are selling.

You’ll be able to see all of our landing pages that we’ll use to bring the water damage leads in. You can also suggest changes to our landing pages if you wish so.

You won’t be overcharged for low-quality water damage leads that are sold to 5 different contractors. Instead, all of the leads you receive will be exclusive to you. 

Sounds cool? Let’s talk! Click the button below to schedule a quick meeting to discuss your strategy (for free).

How Do You Define a Qualified Water Damage Lead?

water damage leads

It’s simple. A qualified water damage lead is a caller that has expressed interest in getting professional assistance for their water damage situation during the call. 

It’s very important for you to understand that a qualified water damage lead is NOT a set appointment because whether the caller requests your team to come by or not depends on your sales skills.

Our job is not to sell the service to the lead, but yours. Instead, our job is only to bring in people who have water damage and have expressed interest in getting professional restoration assistance. 

We have some concrete factors that we will use to determine whether the lead was interested or not, and we will discuss those with you once you schedule a call. 

Why Buy Water Damage Leads?

1. Instant Results

Skip the hard work of restoration website design and waiting 6-12 months for water damage SEO to kick in and start getting jobs immediately. 

Depending on where you’re located, you can take advantage of the landing pages we’ve already ranked on Google. These landing pages are receiving traffic every day and are generating high-buyer-intent calls that we can just plug in to your sales process instantly. 

In case we don’t have a landing page for your geographical area, we’ll build one and start bringing in calls quickly!

The reason these landing pages start producing water damage leads much faster is because we can skip all the brand building we typically do for our SEO clients and focus solely on generating calls. 

2. Hyper-targeted Marketing

With search engine water damage marketing, we’re reaching ONLY people who are interested in YOUR services. Our campaigns are super-targeted and will be shown only to people who are already sold on your business.

How do we know this?

Based on someone’s search query, we can accurately predict what their intentions are. And when people are searching for a “water damage restoration service near me”, what do you think they are looking for?

That’s right – they’re looking to hire a restoration contractor just like yourself. 

3. Scaling Opportunities for Growth-Oriented Companies

Do you serve multiple areas?

Plan to open new locations?

We have good news for you – our water damage lead generation can be easily scaled and your reach can be greatly expanded, all without sacrificing profitability because you’ll still be paying only for qualified water damage restoration leads, regardless of the geographical area.

If you wish to expand your service area, we can help you test new markets by launching new campaigns and getting water damage leads from those geos. 

Then, once we achieve some success and get some additional data to understand how much demand there is in that market, you can expand there.

Our Water Damage Lead Generation Process


Understanding your local market and competition.


Creating and launching our lead generation campaigns.


Optimizing our campaigns to get you more water damage jobs.

How Do You Exactly Generate Water Damage Restoration Leads?

Our process starts with a simple website with a landing page just like this one.

The same way we’re targeting restoration companies looking for quality water restoration leads with this website, we will target people looking for water damage restoration businesses in your service area.

The website will be optimized, advertised, and ranked on Google for various keywords that people use to find local restoration contractors. Think of keywords like “water damage restoration near me”, “water damage companies near me”, or similar. These bring in highly targeted traffic.

People will find our website at the top of search results, click on it, and then they will be prompted to call a number displayed on a page to get a quote for water restoration. 

As soon as they call that number, that call will be routed to you. You will then be able to answer that call and sell the caller the services he/she needs. 

It’s THAT simple. We will set up everything for you. Literally, the only thing you’ll have to do is answer calls with an app we’ll set up with you on your phone.

You may not have huge technical skills but we know you definitely understand how to use an iPhone. 

Also, this way of advertising ensures that you only get exclusive leads since one person can’t call multiple phone numbers at the same time (unless they’re a freak). Although whether or not the same person calls another restoration company right after is something neither us or any other competitor can control.

So, what are you waiting for?

Schedule a call with us and let’s get going!

sales funnel


Just in case you're not 100% sure.

Water damage lead generation is a form of advertising where you pay for calls where people express interest in your restoration services.

In other words, you pay for a chance to sell someone a service they’re already interested in. The thing is that you just have to convince them to get it from you.

Unlike Search Engine Optimization which usually takes months to kick in, with this lead generation service, you can start getting water damage job requests almost instantly. 

Achieve advertising success with less risk, in less time, and with less work. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Now, let’s elaborate a little bit more on some terms that get thrown around a lot when discussing water damage leads and water damage lead generation.

Pay per call – This term simply means paying for water damage leads that come in the form of calls.

Calls work way better than lead forms for emergency services, which is why we focus only on them. 

Call tracking – Another self-explanatory term, call tracking implies using a software to receive and listen to calls and measure how successful your advertising efforts are.

Landing pages – The page to which we will send traffic from Google.

Conversion rate – The percentage of the number of people who have converted into a lead out of the total number of people who have clicked on an ad. 

Call to action – Call to action (CTA) is used for asking website visitors to do exactly what we want them to do – call you on the phone. 

Our pricing is always custom because each geographical area has varying levels of competition. Each client has their own set of requirements and our pricing is adjusted accordingly.

Great question! Here’s a 2 part answer. In case:

1) Your restoration company is from a geo that we already have a website for that’s optimized and ranking on Google (in other words, a website that’s established), it should take no more than two weeks for you to start receiving leads. 

This includes most metro areas across the country and the suburbs around them. 

2) Your business is from a geo we’ve never ran ads or done SEO in, it can take longer, sometimes much longer, than two weeks for you to start receiving water damage leads. 

The reason for this is that SEO takes a few months to kick in and Google Ads take several weeks to exit the so-called “learning phase” where the algorithm is figuring out exactly what our ads are all about. 

Fear not, we’ll still work with you and get the campaign up and running. You’ll not pay for any work we do until the leads start coming in.

You should be prepared to spend more per lead if you want to target a highly-competitive geographical area like, for example, Miami, Houston, or Los Angeles. 

More competition means more money spent on advertising, leading to higher cost per lead. To recoup these costs, we have to charge higher in some areas than the others. 

As you grow and earn more money, you can have us expand our efforts and target more areas and services like mold removal, fire restoration, and others. 

Why not both?

SEO involves ranking your brand’s assets – website and Google Business Profile – on top of the search engine results pages to increase your brand recognition, reach, and, of course, lead and call volume.

With additional lead generation efforts, we’ll utilize our internal water damage marketing channels, including different landing pages and advertisements, to bring even more customers to your door and with you paying only for qualified leads and nothing else.

This is why this combination goes perfectly hand-in-hand.

Most lead generation agencies work with clients from multiple different industries. 

Our competitors may be working with a lawyer client one day and then with a dentist client the next day. 

These marketing companies usually do not deliver the best results because each niche has its own unique challenges that one can only learn how to overcome by devoting all of their time and energy just to that specific niche. 

That is exactly what we’re doing here at RepairSprout. By working only in the restoration niche, we can thoroughly understand clients’ problems and therefore deliver the best solutions, way better than competitors’ at least.

As we’ve mentioned multiple times so far, we only provide exclusive leads.

In case we start working with another client from the same area as you, here’s what will happen to your leads – nothing. 

The thing about the internet is that it’s too big for anyone to completely take over. 

This is especially true when it comes to metros – there’s just too much demand. We have no chance of getting all of the leads for ourselves and leaving all other companies with nothing. 

We can get a portion of the total demand, but never all of it.

The landing pages we use to bring the leads in for you are going to be dedicated to you and you only. This won’t change unless you pause or cancel the service.

We get another client in, they get another landing page dedicated to them.

Now, what can happen is that we bid for the same keywords. But since Google is an algorithm and a part of ranking on Google is just pure randomness (or luck), there’s no way to “control” who is #1 and who is #2 in case we own both of the landing pages in question.

When it comes to Google Ads, each ad result gets around 2-3% of the total traffic. So, your ad campaigns won’t be affected much either.

Sounds Good? Let's Do it!

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