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Which Mold is Used for Producing Penicillin?

Learn which mold species are used in penicillin production.

Is Mold Widely Used in Medicine?

While not the most popular ingredient, mold is indeed used for producing multiple drugs. All of these drugs belong to the penicillin family. 

The most known drug from this family, of course, penicillin. There are also drugs like amoxicillin and ampicillin. 

Why is mold used for producing these drugs?

Certain mold species kill certain bacteria. This is why some people started researching how to grow these molds and how to effectively produce drugs out of them. 

Which Mold is Used for Penicillin?

Mold species used for producing penicillin belong to the Penicillium fungi genus which belongs to the Trichocomaceae family.

Some members of the Penicillium genus are used for producing penicillin and other drugs while others are used for making cheese. 


Certain mold species are very useful, both in the medicine and the food industry. 

However, some members of Penicillium can also be found in your house and those are NOT safe for your health. You should definitely have them removed from your home immediately. 

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