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Will Mold Die on Its Own?

Will mold eventually dry out and die on its own? Let’s find out!

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How Does Mold Survive?

There are a few conditions that have to be met in order for mold to grow on a surface.

  • The surface has to be organic
  • There need to be both a moisture source and oxygen

Mold eats the surface it grows on. And molds can eat anything organic, hence the reason why the surface has to be made of organic material.

This can be anything from food to your wallpapers and cardboards. 

Next, there needs to be humid air or a moisture source like a pipe leak. 

Can the mold die if there is no moisture?

While mold requires moisture to grow, it can live without it. This means that removing the moisture source can prevent the mold from further growing but it will not kill it completely. Mold will just remain inactive.

What about oxygen?

It’s not the best idea to fight mold by limiting oxygen. The reason for this is that mold can survive on a very little amount of oxygen.

Will Mold Die on Its Own

It won’t. The more time you give to the mold, the more it will grow. It will eat more and more of the surface it’s on.

Not only are you exposing yourself to health risks by just letting mold die on its own but your property will also be severely damaged as well. 

If you see mold or you’ve spotted signs of mold presence in your home, you should deal with the problem immediately. Putting it off will just cause more problems down the line. 


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