3 Restoration PPC Mistakes – How to BURN Your Budget on Google Ads

Google Ads is an incredible platform. One can either completely burn his entire budget overnight or exponentially grow his lead volume.

Which one would you like to do more?

If your answer is the second one, then you better read this article because if you don’t and you make the following mistakes we’ll cover, you’ll be setting yourself up for a painful experience.

Here are the three restoration PPC mistakes that you should avoid at all costs:

1. Keywords

Not understanding how keywords work is a big mistake most new advertisers make with Google Ads. 

Where most people mess up with keywords:

  • Improper keyword research
  • Using only a broad match type
  • Not using negative keywords

These three mistakes will burn your money so quickly that you won’t even notice it. 


To avoid making mistakes with keywords, do the following things:

  • Do keyword research properly
  • Learn how match types work
  • Segment your keywords into multiple Ad Groups
  • Monitor your campaigns daily (especially at the beginning) and find irrelevant search terms your ads are showing up for

2. Traffic and rankings

If your main goal with Google ads is to get a lot of traffic and rank first in the search results, you’re setting yourself up for failure. 

“Why is my ad not first?” is one of the most common questions business owners ask without knowing that what they’re focusing on is a huge waste of money. 


Your main goal with Google Ads should always be a conversion.

How much traffic you’re getting and how high your ads rank is irrelevant. You can be #1 and get hundreds of visits per day and still waste a ton of money. 

Prioritize optimizing for conversions. Create a Call Conversion inside your Google Ads account and use a call tracking software to monitor your calls. 

3. Giving up too soon

Not testing and giving up too quickly is the #1 mistake advertisers make. 

Google is a machine, not a human being. It needs data to understand what your business is about and who your ideal customers are. 

What most business owners do is set up a campaign, run ads for a few days, see that it’s not yielding them any results, and then turn off the campaign. 


You HAVE to be willing to test and potentially lose some money upfront in order to have a successful campaign in the long run. 

Most important elements you should test:

  • Bidding strategies
  • Ad creative
  • Landing pages
  • Keywords and match types

Once you do enough testing, Google will figure out what exactly your business is about and who, among all Google users, is the most likely to convert upon seeing your ad. 

That’s it! Hope you found value in this shorter post.

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