Water Damage Marketing Mistakes – What NOT to Do

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We’ve covered a lot of things you should do when marketing your restoration company online on this blog. However, we’ve not mentioned things you should totally avoid doing.

That changes today! You’ll learn some of the most common mistakes businesses make in marketing. 

Let’s dive right in!

1. Just sending traffic to a homepage

If you’re currently spending money on ads that send traffic to a homepage, you’re missing out on a lot of leads. 

On homepages, there are usually a lot of distractions – banners, news, blogs, internal and external links, etc. 

This is not optimal for generating leads. You should have a landing page relevant to what you’re advertising. 

For example, if you’re advertising your water damage repair service, create a page that’s only about your water damage repair service. 


You may think that homepage should serve as an introduction to your business and while that is a completely valid argument, that doesn’t mean it’s the best option for lead generation.

Instead, you should create a separate landing page. Each of your landing pages should have just one goal. 

The average person’s attention span is pretty low. This is why any additional CTAs added to your page will distract people from the action that you want them to complete. 

Learn how to create a landing page.

2. Not using GMB

Out of all searches on the internet, 90% of them come from Google. This is why you should leverage all of Google’s assets for lead generation, starting from GMB.

GMB – Google My Business is Google’s free directory service. And even though it’s free, a lot of businesses are still not using it. 

Your GMB listing can rank over the standard top 10 search results and get a lot more exposure which leads to more phone calls.  

Using GMB, you can also lift your website up in the search results because you’ll have a verified business listing associated with it. 

Besides rankings increase, GMB is effective for lead generation. 

Customers trust Google. 

Over 5% of people who discover your business through GMB will take some form of action (visit your website, call you, etc). This number increases every year. 

Learn more about GMB.

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3. Stuffing keywords on your website

The fact that we’re still seeing this being performed in 2021 is beyond our belief. 

Stuffing keywords on your website in a spammy way doesn’t work. It just doesn’t.

Instead, it hurts your rankings because of a bad user experience.

Google’s algorithm favors user-friendly, high-quality websites. Spamming keywords turns the user away as people can smell spam from miles away. 

Copy-pasting content is also a common mistake many businesses make. Duplicate content hurts your rankings and is also annoying to a lot of people. 

Let’s elaborate.

The main reason is the bad user experience. Stuffing is annoying and if people stumble upon spammy, low-quality content, they will click away. 

If people immediately click away upon landing on your website, your bounce rate becomes high. The higher your bounce rate is, the lower you’ll rank.

Copy-pasted content is also perceived as low-quality and will be filtered. 

Creating good content takes more work but will pay off much more than just stuffing keywords. 

And that sums it up! Hope you got some value from this article. 

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