Water Damage Marketing Tips – 7 Hacks to Grow Your Restoration Business

In marketing, sometimes all you need to do to get more leads is make some quick optimizations. 

Today, you’ll learn of 7 marketing hacks you can apply to grow your restoration business. Here they are!

1. Use a live chat

About 40% of people who use live chats on businesses’ websites end up becoming customers of those businesses. 

Live chat can be very helpful to your website visitors as all of their questions and concerns could be addressed immediately. 

Additionally, live chats help increase time spent on your website and user engagement, which will rank your website higher in Google. 

The best live chat software for local businesses are LiveChat Inc and ChatBot. You can also check out Podium and HubSpot’s live chat which are the best overall. 

Live chats help skyrocket website’s conversion yet so many businesses are still not using them. If that’s the case with your competition, adding a live chat is a sure way to help your brand stand out. 

2. Claim a Google ads coupon

If you’ve never run Google ads before, you can claim up to $150 in free advertising credit. 

The best way we believe you can spend this money, as it’s not enough for any impressive results in the restoration industry, is to run a very broad campaign to see keywords people are searching for in your area that you might not be aware of. 

You also may end up getting a phone call or two without spending any money of your own. Try it!

3. Answer your GMB reviews

Google My Business – GMB – listings where businesses respond to their reviews tend to rank higher in Google Maps. 

Always respond to your GMB reviews, even if it’s just a simple “Thank you!” message. This way, you can give your GMB listing a nice rankings boost as engagement is a big ranking factor in GMBs as well. 

4. Use Hotjar

We’ve mentioned this tool in our last post but we’ll go over it again because it’s that good. 

Have you ever wanted to see exactly what people are doing on your website?

With Hotjar, you can do a lot of cool things. This is one of the best marketing tools for website owners.

It allows you to:

  1. Record your visitors’ website sessions.
  2. Install heatmaps.
  3. Ask people for feedback on what they think of your website & business

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5. Add videos to your website

Embedded videos on your website will help you with two things:

  • They will increase your user engagement and conversion rate. The average time people spend on your website will increase because people will be able to watch videos without clicking off your website – they can just click the play button.
  • Increased engagement on your website will help your website rank much higher in the search engines.

Additional tip: Make your website engaging overall – add buttons, opt-in forms, etc.

What types of videos to add?

First of all, you should add videos on your most important pages. These videos should sell people on your service. Go over the benefits of your service, choosing your company over the competitors’, and also answer questions you get asked by potential prospects frequently. 

6. Leverage trends

Run more ads during parts of the year when your services are more in demand than usual.

Whenever a storm or a flood happens in your service area, post content on your social media and increase your ad spend. 

Increased ad spend will help reach more people and you want to do this because the chance of people needing a repair service is much higher after those events. 

7. Use landing pages

Instead of sending people to your website, create a campaign-oriented one-page website with no site navigation.

These pages tend to increase your conversion rate. The reason for this is that there will be only one CTA on each of your landing pages. 

Having one CTA – call now, fill a contact form – instead of multiple CTAs and a navigation header – like on your website – is proven to increase conversions.

Better landing page experience means lower ad costs as well. 

You can create a landing page easily with a tool like Unbounce or even WordPress page builders like Elementor. 

landing page for water damage restoration

That’s it! Hope you got some value from this article. If you did, share it with your friends and colleagues.

Need help with any of these tips or marketing in general? Just ask a question in our Facebook group. Looking forward to connecting with you!

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