How to Generate Restoration Leads with Local Services Ads

Restoration leads, restoration leads, restoration leads – how do I get them?

Unfortunately, that’s all you can think of when you don’t have them. Once you do, your mind becomes free to explore other areas of your business.

In today’s quick guide, we’ll talk about how you can start generating leads for your restoration business using Local Services Ads, LSAs for short, starting from today.

Let’s jump right in!

What are LSAs and Why Use Them

LSAs enable you to only pay for qualified leads. These ads display on top of Google search, right above normal text ads. 

local services ads

These ads help you display your most business’ important asset – reviews. Besides that, users will also see information like service areas and open hours. 

Google Guaranteed

I suppose you have seen the little Google Guaranteed badge displayed above. This badge comes from Google once you go through the Google Guaranteed Certification Program. While in that program, Google will go through your business and verify your legitimacy. 

Once the whole process is complete, Google will provide you with the Google Guaranteed badge. This badge will show on all of your LSAs. And this is why LSAs can help build trust between the user and the business so easily. 

What does being Google Guaranteed even mean? 

So if a customer isn’t happy with your service, Google will offer you a chance to talk with that customer. If the customer is still dissatisfied, Google may repay up to $2,000 in compensation costs to that customer. This is Google’s call, not yours. 

People trust Google. This gives you an advantage. 

How LSAs Work

Once you click on an LSA, you can go through all the listings available. They are similar to paid GMB listings, although they’re not the same thing.

Users can view your business description and important info. Once a user finds a business they would like to contact, they can either call them or message them.

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Are LSAs Worth it

They’re definitely worth the test. Note that they may or may not be available in your area. Google is rapidly expanding on LSAS so if they’re not currently available in your area, they probably will be very, very soon. 

Back to the benefits. LSAs enable you to only pay for people who had either called you or messaged you – qualified leads. 

LSAs are also automated. No keyword research, no ad copywriting. This is not the case with regular PPC ads where you have to go through the keyword planner, figure out if you’re going to use an exact match or phrase match, etc.

How good are the leads I get?

You have a chance to get a lot of high-quality leads. Here’s all the lead data you’ll receive:

  • Full name
  • Job type required
  • Location
  • How fast do they need the job done

You will be able to see all of this information in your account inbox. 

You Pay for What You Get

In some areas, water/fire/mold damage leads can be pretty expensive due to competition and the price of the service. Be prepared to pay $50-$200 or even more per lead.

Chances are if you’re already buying leads from certain lead aggregators, the leads you’re paying for may not be of the best quality.

Why is that?

A lot of lead aggregators will resell leads, the same leads they have sold to you, to other business owners as well. This means you’ll have to race with other business owners and get to the lead first.

But when running your own marketing, you’re in total control. You’re using one of the best platforms to advertise on – Google. At least try LSAs out for a few weeks and see how they work for you.

That’s it! Hope you enjoyed this article. If you need more help, click on the button below to schedule a free consultation call. Have a great day!

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