Restoration Marketing Ideas – 4 Out-of-the-Box Ways to Generate Leads

So, you’ve followed what we’ve taught on this blog so far and implemented our strategies.

You’ve set up a website and done some SEO…

You’ve created a GMB profile and added content to it…

What now?

If you feel a little adventurous, this article is for you. We’ll go over 4 restoration marketing ideas that you can implement right away. Let’s go!

1. Start a Blog

I know. I know. A blog??

Hear me out. 

There are over 100 billion monthly searches being done on Google!

Google has become the ultimate answer machine for everything, INCLUDING questions about mold, water, and fire damage. 

Using free keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner and AnswerThePublic, you can find hundreds of questions related to your niche. 

Heck, go perform a Google search on some questions related to your niche. Check the websites ranking on the first page. Whose websites are those?

From restoration businesses, of course. Nobody is going to blog about home damage for fun. They’re going to do it so they can get repair leads.  

People searching for those questions aren’t doing it for fun either. Instead, they’re probably struggling with something and want to learn how to do resolve that. 

You should especially consider doing this if your business serves multiple areas. This way, you can serve more people who’d end up on your blog. 

Try performing keyword research for a specific state you’re operating in and see how many people are searching for damage-related articles per month. 

Value of content marketing

Let’s go a bit deeper here. 

Here’s why blog articles could benefit you. 

Your blog posts could end up ranking on page one on the search engines. This has a chance of bringing you a lot of traffic to your website. 

Naturally, if you help educate someone on something they don’t know a lot, or anything, about, they’ll view you as an expert and as someone who could help resolve their problems. 

Even if you get some phone calls or emails from areas you don’t serve, you could partner with someone who does and sell them those leads. Now, this is really out of the box. 

But that’s the point of this post, right?

2. Start a YouTube channel

Alright, you must have gone mad!

But guess what, YouTube is a search engine too!

A lot of people turn to YouTube to get help on DIY home cleanup and damage repair. Leverage that and present them with helpful content.

As with blog posts, if you educate people and provide value, they’ll view you as an expert and have you as a go-to person for damage-related problems.

Why videos

You may be shy to turn on the camera. That’s normal! 

Once you’ve created the first couple of videos, you’ll notice that there is nothing to be afraid of. 

Bare in mind that over 80% of marketers say that videos have helped them with lead generation. 

The deeper reason is that consumers are looking for a more personalized buying experience every year. They want to feel like they know you in person. 

And there is no better way to do that than through video content. 

Videos could also help you create blog posts easily through transcription. This way, you’d complete two tasks – create a blog post and record a video – in one go.

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3. Start doing email marketing

You should really dig into this one. 

People check their email over 15 times per day. That makes an email inbox another piece of real estate you could claim. 

Email marketing has been there for a long time and it produces some of the best ROI across all digital channels. 

How to build an email list

For someone to opt-in to an email list, there has to be some kind of anticipation. 

Free inspection, discount, or even a small product are some of the incentives you could offer to people in exchange for their email addresses.

Have a follow-up sequence of messages ready to be sent to your list. You could email them educational content, offers, etc.

Consider preparing more emails than usual to be sent to your email subscribers during times of the year when your services are more in demand. 

You can also do manual broadcasts after events like storms, hurricanes, and floods. Discount your services and notify your subscribers.

Learn more about email marketing for restoration companies.

4. Set up a referral program

Over 80% of people are more likely to engage with brands that have referral reward programs set up. 

Having a good referral program could bring you passive leads. 

Notify your current customers of your referral program and give them a cut for each customer they bring to you. 

You could also work with plumbers, insurance companies, and other professionals.

How referral marketing works

You’d have to figure out how much you’d be willing to give for each referral on your own. This all depends on your profit margins. A % of the sale would probably be more appealing to other business owners but for consumers, you can try setting a flat rate of, for example, $200 per customer.

Many people would be more than happy with that rate. 

You also need to structure your referral program for it not to be exploited. 

However, if you manage to set up everything right, this could provide you with easy business. People would be way more engaged and eager to help because they’d have something out of doing so too. 

That’s it! Hope this post was valuable and that you learned something new. Need more help? Just leave a comment down below.

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