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Sometimes The Smallest Fixes Can Have The Biggest Impact

Is your website not bringing in traffic and leads? Are you buried deeply beneath the top 10 search results on Google?

Receive a free, easy-to-consume video analysis of your website. Learn about different problems you might be experiencing on your website that might be limiting the chances of its success in the search engines and generating leads for your business.

Not only will we provide you with instructions on how to troubleshoot different problems you might be having but we’ll also try to find hidden opportunities for improving your rankings you might have accidentally missed. 

We’ll also structure this video audit in a step-by-step way, from the most critical problems to the ones less important but still impactful. This way, you can easily consume the content and learn without being overwhelmed.

Why Get a Free SEO Audit

If you’re dissatisfied with the number of leads you’re getting each month from your website and would like to learn how to improve that, this audit is perfect for you. 

After you order an audit, we’ll immediately start analyzing your restoration website and see what’s holding you back from bringing in more traffic from the search engines. If your website is already generating traffic but not leads, we’ll figure out why is that for you. 

This audit will also come with a to-do list. The list will include different things you should do to improve your situation and it will be structured in the most beginner-friendly way so that you can immediately take action without getting confused. 

Who is This For?

We only work with restoration companies selling water/fire damage repair, mold removal, and similar services. The reason for this is because we have experience working in this industry and are confident we can deliver results to other restoration companies.

By niching down to only one industry, we can serve our clients better and provide them with better experience. 

If you own/manage marketing for a restoration business and would like to learn how to improve your website’s performance in the search engines, you couldn’t have come to a better place. 

Fast, Efficient and Free

Everything you'd ever look for in an audit is right in front of you.

How it Works

This audit is completely free and doesn’t require any commitments from your end. Once you sign up for an audit, we’ll immediately start going through your website. You’ll receive your audit in a video format via email 1-3 business days after signing up.

We don’t require access to your sensitive information like, for example, your WordPress password, Google account, etc. This makes our audit completely risk-free.

What's the Catch?

You may be wondering – if it’s completely free, why is it worth our time?

There are a few reasons why we do this. 

1. Although it is free, the only thing we’d kindly ask from you, besides  information necessary for us to complete the audit, is to review the experience you have had with this audit. 5-start reviews and happy clients are our #1 goal.

2. In case you like the value and want to continue working with us, we’d offer you services like SEO, PPC, and Web Design to help you further improve your digital marketing efforts and generate more leads for your restoration business.

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