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Do you know what’s the best way to build trust and authority with your prospects online?

In 2021 and beyond…

It’s content marketing. 

Today, you’ll learn what’s content marketing, how it works and why you should implement it in your restoration digital marketing efforts. Let’s go!

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing means marketing your services through content like social media posts, written articles, and videos.

Why would you invest time in content marketing?

One of the best ways to build trust and authority is through content. Stats prove that: 

  • Content marketing costs 60% less than traditional marketing while generating 3 times as many leads. 
  • Businesses leveraging content marketing have 6x higher conversion rates.

These stats have been picked up from the following resources:

Getting Started

Before you start content marketing, you need to understand how content works on each platform.

The content you’ll post on social media is very different than the content you’ll publish on your website.

Your content has to have some thought and research put into it. If you’re publishing random content, you’ll probably not see success.

Social Media

Content on platforms like Facebook and Instagram has to grab attention in the first few lines of text.

On social media, attention is the #1 currency. What are the best ways to grab people’s attention?

By posting trendy, interesting, quick-to-consume content. Trends are the best way to get attention on social media. 

Visuals also play a big role. Never post text-only content.

In short, your content needs to be attention-grabbing and engaging. Don’t post boring stuff nobody cares about. People are on Facebook to chat with their friends and take a look at cat memes. 

So, a post about pipe leaks probably won’t get them to stop scrolling and take a look at what you have to say UNLESS the post is compiled in a way that’s fun, interesting and visually-appealing.


Engagement will drive your success on social media. The more people engage with your posts, the more people will see them. It’s a snowball effect.

Post content that prompts people to react and comment on your posts. Start conversations and reply to every single comment on all of your posts.

Learn more about how social media works.

Website Content

With your website content, your primary goal should be to drive traffic from Google and other search engines. 

To get traffic from Google, you need to publish content people are searching for. This can be commercial content like your service pages and informational content like blog articles. 

Commercial content needs to contain a strong WHY in it – Why would people buy your service? What’s the benefit? Why not buy from a competitor?

You should answer questions people have about the service. 

Maybe in a way like this:

content marketing

To find questions people are asking in Google, you can use a tool called AnswerThePublic. Just enter the keyword you want to explore and you’ll find tons of questions people are searching for every month. 

Informational content

The best way to build trust is to educate. You should especially think of publishing educational content if you serve multiple areas. 

To find questions people are searching for in Google, use Google Autosuggest. Add terms like what, where, why, is, and others before your main keyword to find topics. 

You will be surprised as to how many people searching for these questions are ready to buy services.

Ninja hack: By building authority nationally with blog content, you’ll rank higher locally.

Learn more about SEO.


You can share your website articles on your social media profiles. Note that the articles you share need to be interesting and have the potential to go viral. 

Although there is a very small chance that a post about water damage can go viral. People are too busy with their lives to read about mold in their spare time.

They’ll only do it when they actually have a problem. 

However, the hidden reason you want to share your articles is to drive engagement on your website and get user signals. You also want people to opt into your email lists. 

The more engagement you have on your website, the higher you’ll rank. 

Check the link above to learn more about SEO if you haven’t already. Also, here’s a helpful guide for email marketing

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Video Content

Video content is always engaging. A great strategy you can implement is recording videos and then transcribing them into a written format, after which you’ll also have a blog post!

Videos can rank on Youtube and also on Google. 

Having videos on your website can also increase the average time spent on your website. This helps with rankings. 

… again, watch the SEO video. Just do it. It’s worth it. 

Consider also creating interesting videos for your social media profiles. Videos always get engagement on social platforms, as well as live streams. 


Consistency is the key with content marketing. Don’t give up if you don’t get any traffic after your first 20 pieces of content are published. 

You will get better at it the more you do it. You will also learn what works and what doesn’t based on the analytics you can find on Facebook, Google, and other platforms you post on.

It takes time and money but it pays off in the future.

That’s it! Hope you enjoyed this article and got some value from it. If you did, make sure to share it with your colleagues.

Have any questions? Ask them in the comments! We’ll get back to you pretty quickly.

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