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Did you know that over 3 billion people use social media on a monthly basis? How about the fact that in 2021, the average time users spend on social media is over 2 hours?

Do you see any opportunity in that? If you don’t, we’ll show it to you.

In today’s article, you’ll learn why & how to market your restoration business on social media.

Let’s go!

Why Use Social Media for Restoration Marketing

Even though we believe a good chunk of your focus should be spent on Google and doing intent-based marketing, that doesn’t mean social media doesn’t have its place. Here’s why you should consider using social media for marketing your business.

  • Brand awareness
  • Leveraging trends – For example, after an event like a storm or a flood, you can use social media to drive a lot of attention because the chance of someone needing your services drastically increases. 
  • Customer support

How Social Media Works

On Google, we’re used to putting our ads in front of people who are actively searching for our services. We can accurately predict what someone’s intentions are based on their search query. If somebody types in mold removal Brooklyn, we can predict, based on that search query, that they probably need mold removal service in Brooklyn. 

That’s NOT the case with social media. Instead, we’re using disruptive marketing on social platforms to get more attention.

In the social media world, attention is the most valuable currency.

Think about it. People spend time on social media networks for various reasons – talking with friends, looking at their cousin’s posts and cat memes, etc. 

Google – intent-based marketing

Facebook – disruptive marketing

Picking a network

It’s time to pick a network to market on. One thing you should do is deploy most of your energy into growing an audience on one platform, not on multiple platforms. Once you grow on the platform you’ve picked, you can easily direct your followers to other networks you might be using. 

Facebook is the largest social media network in the world, making it a great network to market on. It has over 3 billion users. YouTube and Instagram are right behind Facebook.

YouTube’s core is video. You should always implement video marketing, regardless of the platform you’re on. YouTube also has a search engine, like Google

This means that you can publish videos and do YouTube SEO. If you do it right, your videos can show up in YouTube AND Google’s search results. 

Learn about Youtube SEO.

Our recommendation – use Facebook and publish all of your videos on YouTube.

Instagram may not be your best bet since it’s mostly used by a younger audience. 

In this article, we’ll focus on how to market on Facebook but the principles are similar or even exactly the same on other social networks. 

Pay to Play

One thing you should note is that it’s a pay-to-play game on Facebook. This means that organic reach will always be limited on this platform.

Only about 5% of your page’s followers will see your posts because Facebook is purposefully reducing organic reach.


They want you to spend money on ads. 

This is why you should combine organic and paid marketing on the platform, like with SEO and PPC

How to Market on Facebook

Time for the good stuff. Let’s start from the beginning. 

Getting attention

To get someone’s attention, you need to first understand from whom we want that attention.

You need to speak your target audience’s language or otherwise, they’re not going to listen to you.

If you currently don’t know your target audience, think of all customers you’ve got so far. How old are they? How much money are they making? Are they married and have children?

How to Find and Target Your Social Media Audience

Knowing to whom you’re speaking makes life so much easier. Figure this out before you proceed. 

Watch out for trends

Advertising during specific seasons is a great strategy to implement on Facebook.

Figure out the parts of the year when your services are more in demand than usual.

Leverage seasonality by promoting your services with ads. You can also run ads in case of an event in your area like a major storm, flood, and others. The likelihood of someone experiencing damage to their property increases, providing you with the opportunity to get more attention than usual on social media.

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What to post 

Leverage trends and current events to come up with content. You can also share your blog posts and videos on your Facebook page. If you’ve done something great for the community, share it.

Post anything you think might be of interest to people.

For posts you really want people to see, run a simple boost campaign. This can be very effective in driving eyeballs for a very cheap price. You don’t have to spend a lot – as little as $5 per day is enough to boost a post.

Conduct some competitor analysis to see what types of posts of theirs get the most attention and try to come up with something similar.

There is a pattern in posts that get attention and in posts that never reach anyone. Identify those patterns in competitors’ posts and avoid posting boring stuff. 

Use lead magnets

A lead magnet is a small product or service you can offer for free in exchange for the receiver’s contact information. They’re very useful for generating leads for your business and driving people to your website.

Your lead magnet has to be something of value that people would be willing to trade their email address or phone number for. If it doesn’t have value and help your audience, you won’t generate any leads. 

Why would you want to create a lead magnet? 

Because they are very useful for drawing people off social media networks to your website and then grabbing their email addresses and building an email list, or getting people to call you. 

You can set up a small info product and educate people on a certain subject. Think of your audience’s questions and concerns. Answer those in your lead magnet for free. 

What you can also do is use a free quote or inspection after a storm to offer a low barrier-to-entry and attract people to your website. 

Learn more about lead magnets:

Ninja Hack - Engagement

Leverage your social media followers and send them to your website. You won’t just get the obvious benefits of more traffic but you will also increase your site’s engagement.

More site engagement means higher rankings in Google because that’s one of the big G’s biggest ranking factors.

Lead generation campaigns bring a ton of engagement to your website because people will be scrolling through pages, opting into different lead forms, and even watching videos.

This is an additional reason why social media is worth marketing on – the reason a lot of businesses aren’t aware of. Leverage that.


The most important factor in success on social media is consistency. Compound interest is really present in organic social media marketing.

You may notice that after 20 posts you still have 0 followers but after 50 posts, for example, all of a sudden you have hundreds of likes and followers. The hardest part indeed is being consistent.

Set a schedule for yourself that you can follow and then stick to it.

Customer Support

Your Facebook page can serve as a great tool for customer support. You can enable our customers to reach you via your page.

You can also set up a sequence of automatic messages in your page’s chat. This is a little bit more advanced. Learn more here if you’re interested.

That wraps it up! Hope you found value in this post. If you did, make sure to share it with your colleagues.

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