How to Get Started With Lead Generation for Restoration Companies

We all know it. Leads keep our businesses alive. No further explanation is required.

However, what requires an in-depth explanation is how to generate leads for your restoration business consistently

Today, you’ll learn how to get started with lead generation online. Let’s get into it!

Things You Need to Know

Leads are qualified prospects. You can tell that a lead has shown interest in your business – or at least your industry in general – because they had either handed you their contact information like, for example, an email address or directly called your business.

To generate leads, you need to be the one who gives first. You need to come up with something you could give away for free in exchange for people’s contact information. This “something” is called a lead magnet.

What is a Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is a small product/service offered for free by marketers in order to get people into their businesses’ ecosystems. You may often catch your competitors (you may also be doing it yourself already) offering incentives like, for example, a free quote or inspection. These are all lead magnets.

Lead magnets allow you to ask for people’s contact information in return. More often than not, people will give that information to you because you’re helping them out for free. 

Coming up with a lead magnet

What makes a good lead it lead magnet?

Enticing offer placed in front of the right audience.

There’s no point in offering a product – even if it’s free – to someone who doesn’t need it.

Let’s use this random example.

Imagine you have a 10 page home cleaning guide during a pandemic. This little product could potentially be enticing to a mother of three, but would probably mean nothing to a business owner who has cleaning taken care of by his employees. 

Lead Magnet Ideas

Here are some great lead magnet ideas you could test. It’s important to note that I’ve written test.

You have to test and see if something works. If it works for a competitor, that doesn’t mean that it will work for you.

However, if you do everything the right way, there is a high chance that taking ideas from the competition will work just fine for you as well. 

Lead magnet ideas:

  • Free quote/inspection

Really common, everybody is doing it because it works.

  • Discount

Discounts have always been an enticing incentive. But what you can try to do is use discounts after an event like, for example, a floor or a storm. 

  • Info products – guides, how-tos, case studies, etc

These produce great results in the marketing world. What an info product is going to be about largely depends on what a prospect is thinking at a specific moment.

You may have a great info product about which nobody cares about. Dig deep into what people are thinking to avoid creating this type of lead magnet.

Let’s come up with another example. 

Your targets are business owners. What you could create for these people is, for example, a guide on how to keep running a business that has experienced water/fire damage. 

Info lead magnets are different than the other two. People opting in to receive info products may not be interested in your service yet. With the other two, there is a higher chance that’s not the case. 

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Advertising Your Lead Magnet

Once you have a lead magnet set up, it’s time to advertise it. If you have an existing audience on a certain platform like, for example, a Facebook page with a few 1000 likes, offer your followers the lead magnet you have just created.

Before you do that though, consider when and where to advertise. Another example, discount and/or a free inspection could potentially be a great offer after an event like a flood or storm. 

Like I’ve mentioned, people to whom you’re marketing to are critical so make sure you go after the right people on the right platforms.

You may have a great info product and have found find to whom you’re going to promote that product to but those people may not be on the platform you plan to advertise on.

Yet another example, marketing a product that is most suited for an older generation on Instagram – the platform mainly used by a younger generation – may not be the best idea. However, the only way you can be sure is by testing.


Let’s cover some platforms you can advertise on. 

Info products do great on Facebook. In addition, advertising on this platform during certain parts of the year, when your services are more in demand and usual, could also work very well for you. 

Just know that people on Facebook need to be disrupted during their scrolling in order to have your attention. Start with the hook in your ad and get straight to the point.


The next platform I want to cover is Google.

Google is a search engine people go to when looking to find answers to their questions and problems.

Positioning a free quote or inspection in front of someone looking for a service is widely utilized on Google – it works.

People who are already searching for your service may not need as much selling in the ad to click on it although you still want to present them the main benefits of ordering the service from you instead of someone else. 

Setting up a Landing Page

It’s recommended to keep the page you’re sending traffic to relevant to the ad.

If you’re advertising water damage repair services using a discount as an incentive, send people to a page talking about your water damage repair service only. Do not send them to a homepage or a page with all of your services.

When promoting an info lead magnet, send people to a landing page where they can claim your free product by entering their contact information.

Landing pages are as important as the ads. If the landing page is not relevant to the ad, your bounce rate will be huge and your conversion rates small.

What is the bounce rate?

Let’s say that out of 100 people who had clicked on your ad, 60 have clicked off the page very quickly. In this case, your bounce rate would be 60%.

You want to keep your bounce rate below 70%. The higher your bounce rate, the lower your quality score in Google ads will be which would result in more expensive clicks and less profitable ads.

Following up

Make sure to follow up with people who have opted in to receive a lead magnet.

If you have a missed call or voicemail, follow up immediately.

You should also know that people who have subscribed to an email list to receive an info product may need more convincing from your end to buy your service.

Regularly email these people, educating them on different topics they might be interested in. Once in a while, send a promotional email. It’s important to not overdo your promotions.

That’s it! Hope you enjoyed this article. If you need more help, click on the button below to schedule a free consultation call. Have a great day!

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